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Saraswati Sindhu Civilization

Hinduism or the Sanatana Dharma



Well, where does one begin when confronted with as vast a subject as Hinduism. We would recommend beginning with the FAQ on Hinduism, where many questions are answered in an introductory fashion. There is also  listed a list of reference books in the FAQ section for further reading. See also the section on Core Values for the value system which has its roots in Hindu ethics. We intend this section to be a resource material for all Hindus and non-Hindus, but especially for Hindu children growing up in America


FAQ on Hinduism


The DhArmic Traditions

Hindu  Festivals -Vijayadashmi/Navratri

Hindu Samskaaras

Some famous Verses from the Hindu scripture

Temple architecture & sculpture


The Position of Hinduism in America's Higher Education  by Rajiv Malhotra

The Riddle of Fate and Free Will


Further Translations of Patanjali

Raja Yoga by Swami Sivananada

The California Textbook travesty

Do California State Textbooks Discriminate Against Hindus?

Select passages from the Sacred Texts

Money from Temples is diverted to Maddrassas and Haj pilgrims


Read on and make up your own mind. The portrayal is consistently negative and demeaning. There are 2 aspects to this 1,why go out of the way to denigrate another's tradition and hold his/her religion responsible for any incidents of such behavior. 2.Are the allegations true ?

The answer is  less than satisfactory on both counts. What was the true status of women in Ancient  India ?see the page on Women in Ancient India

Maslow vs .Self Realization

Stephen Covey comments on  Seven human failings as enumerated by Gandhiji


Vedic Foundation Summer Internship 2006

The Vedic Foundation is committed to spearheading a sustained campaign to establish accurate and respectful teachings of Hinduism and Indian history in U.S. classrooms, to reclaim the authentic history of India, to empower Hindus with the knowledge of their spiritual and cultural legacy and to highlight India’s contributions to the world.

The foundation is seeking Hindu students who are:
  • highly motivated
  • creative thinkers
  • research oriented
  • proficient on internet
Qualified applicants will be age 16 or older and take part in an 8 week internship. Interns will work from home and must have computer and internet access. Austin based interns are invited to work at the Vedic Foundation office.

Mentors will guide the intern’s work throughout the internship. Interns will spend 20 hours per week for 8 weeks on their project assignments.

Projects include research on diverse topics related to Hindu dharm, development of Power Point presentations, production of educational materials and participation in a media study.

This internship will offer students an exciting opportunity to take an active role in creating a positive image of Hinduism in the U.S. and correcting misconceptions about Hinduism in the educational system.

Please open the link to print the application form.
http://www.thevedicfoundation .org/upload1/vf.intern.application.pdf

For further information contact:

Shekhar Sinha, Intern Coordinator
(405) 826-8475





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