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References on Ancient Indian astronomy


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Since I first published this page several people have offered advice and encouragement. Some have asked for further information. In particular I wish to thank Dr. Vijay Bedekar and David B. Kelley for encouraging further research. This updated and expanded page has resulted. Thanks to Ramana Bhamidipati for his input and suggestions.


At this rewriting, Jan. 1, 2001, I still await some answers to the questions posed below. This may be indicative of the answers. To date I have found no indication of older accurate astronomical constants or published indications of modern writers noticing the accuracy of the data discovered in the Indian sources.

  • Do you know of any source previously noticing and publishing the accuracy of ryabhata's ratio?
  • Do you know of any older record reflecting such an accurate astronomic ratio? From India? In Sanskrit? From other parts of the world?
  • Do you know of any astronomic record reflecting such an accurate astronomic ratio prior to the last two centuries?
  • When did modern astronomers first arrive at an astronomic ratio of comparable accuracy?

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