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Secularism Sutras
The Religious Dogmas of the Cult called Indian `Secularism'

Secularism, as a political concept, means the total separation of
church and state. In other words, the government of a Secular nation
should not favor one religion over the other, and it should not
dabble in religious matters unless civil order is threatened.

In India however, `Secularism' itself has become a privileged State
Religion. Its followers are a totalitarian and a fanatical elite
minority who thrust their dogmas on a hapless majority that refuses
to lose its self-respect. This majority is demonized as `communal,
fascists, revanchists, Nazis…' and so on, just because they prefer to
follow the religion, culture, traditions and customs that the Indian
civilization has bequeathed upon them, and are willing to defend
their right to do so unfettered.

The believers in this cult of Indian Secularism, are often unable to
relate to their own Hindu countrymen, and rather feel more at home
savoring wine and cheese amongst French socialists than amongst
Indians who speak and think in Indian languages. These `believers'
are true children of Marx and Macaulay, and are hence a kind of
transvestites – a Eurocentric mind clothed in an Indian body.

They constitute the privileged priesthood of India, who can sermonize
us on any topic under the sun, be it economics, or history or
politics. As historians, they are entitled to comment on
telecommunications, and as economists, they can pontificate on
history. This is because Secularists are omniscient.

The Secular Believers also have an unfettered right to rule over
the `Communalist' other, the infidel, the scum of the earth who must
be demonized, victimized, misrepresented and who has no human rights

This post therefore, seeks to present the theological dogmas of the
religion of `Indian Secularism' as a set of sutras.

Secularism Sutras

1. Majority communalism is worse than minority communalism.
Hindu communalism is worse than Muslim and Christian communalism.
2. Highlighting any act of minority communalism promotes Hindu
3. Dams and Factories are the modern Temples of India. But they
cannot replace mosques and churches.
4. India is a Multi-national state.
5. Hinduism is the opiate of Indian masses.
6. Secularism is the greatest good, to which all other goods are
subordinated. All morals and ethics can be ignored in the defense of
7. If you are not `Secular', you are `Communal'.
8. Marx, Mullah and Missionary are the Trimurti of Secularism.
Secularism leads to omniscience. What do communalists know?
9. Majority communalists have no human rights. Minorities,
including their communal elements, have special privileges.
10. Hinduism is a colonial construct, or it is not really a
religion. Tribals are Hindus only when they rape nuns.
11. It is `Progressive' and `liberal' to eat beef.
12. Children should be indoctrinated with Secularism when they
are young.
13. Conversion out of Hinduism is a fundamental right of human
beings. Conversion to Hinduism is communalism. Acculturation of
Tribal Hindus with mainstream Hindu culture is Sangh conspiracy.
14. Secular Jihads, Secular Crusades and Secular Pogroms are all
kosher when attacking Hinduism.
15. Hindu lives are cheap. According to Sharia, they are worth 1/16
the life of a Muslim, according to Secularism, they are worth even
16. Secularists cannot be Hindu. They can call themselves of 'Hindu
descent', or 'Hindu and Muslim' or 'good humans' or 'Good Muslims'
or 'Good Christians', but never, never, as 'good Hindus'.
17. All Hindu acts of self assertion are Hindu fanaticism. All Hindu
organizations that do not say 'all religions are equally good' are
Hindu Nazis.
18. All charities that do not cater to Minority victims are fascist.
However, it is OK for NGO's or other charities to cater to minority
communities preferentially.



Vishal Agarwal



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